"It Never Did That Before"

Introducing Zoom+

Zoom has brought to market some amazing applications in their quest to become the go to platform for businesses. Additionally, Zoom has added hundreds of features to their current applications. We echo Zoom’s belief that “Simple and Quick” are the cornerstone of an exceptional customer experience. These principles are central to Bolt-On’s patented technologies.
The days of watching people talk are no longer engaging. That’s one reason why most people agree, that “Content Is King”. The phrase “Content Is King” was coined from an essay by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
In it, he describes the future of the Internet, as “A Marketplace for Content”. The phrase “Content Is King” is not new, but because of the increased focus on content marketing. This phrase is as important today as it was in 90’s.
Content creation, including videos, slides, and graphics must be quick and simple. Who wants to spend hours or even days making a five-minute video, that may only be seen once during a single meeting?
Bolt-On’s patents can be easily developed and added to the Zoom platform. They can also be sold on Zooms Marketplace and the Microsoft Store. The MS Store has 14 billion annual transactions. Adobe sells everything on the MS Store. And most importantly, Zoom could be the only video conferencing product with which Bolt-On’s products can work.

Now, see how our patent portfolio addresses CX and brings a lot of happiness to Zoom’s users, it’s Zoomies, and Wall Street.

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