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Gross revenue in 36 months is estimated to be

$ 0
Based on selling each of the four developed and commercialized applications on the Microsoft Store which claims 14 billion transactions annually. By example, Adobe sells just about all of their apps on the Microsoft Store. The Revenue number above assumes minimal penetration of the estimated 750,000,000 million PowerPoint users over the first three-year period after launch. It also considers the traditional pricing ratio of single retail, team and enterprise seats. The entire patent portfolio is priced for the market at a substantial discount – a very small percentage – of the 36-month revenue shown above.

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Microsoft’s PowerPoint pioneered the computer-based business presentation market in the early 90s. However, the presentation market has evolved, by developing products that include eye-catching templates, visualizations, and graphics, accomplished by moving the need for graphic design skills from the user to the applications’ creators.
Despite recent advances in presentation software, industry players cite “people want content-rich presentations that entertain with interactivity, animation, and bold designs”. But to easily AND quickly create content that’s synchronized with animations, videos, narration, photos, or any other file type, most users need simplified tools not requiring professional video editing skills. Also, presenters would love random access to file content, enabling them to move back and forth seamlessly while not losing their place and maintaining audience engagement. Bolt-On’s patented technology suite provides the tools that users would love to easily and quickly produce and deliver content-rich presentations.

Quick Access

Quick Access (QA) is a valuable tool for anyone making live or virtual presentations. Presentation software of any file type enhanced with QA allows presenters to easily and instantly locate files, photos, videos, and especially slides, using QA’s patented process. Users of presentation software struggle with managing Q&As, audience interruptions, and then trying to get back on track, but not with Quick Access! QA allows presenters random access to file content, enabling them to move back-and-forth seamlessly while not losing their place and maintaining audience engagement.
QA is protected by U.S. Patent Number 11644948.
PCT / Application filed No: PCT/US2023/77528

Stak It

Stak It gives social media platform users the freedom to assemble content from photos, video clips, narration and music files to easily produce a synchronized multimedia file 32X faster than traditional timeline editing. Currently, reels produced for influencer and product visibility use Non-Linear Video Editing, an unchanged 52-year-old, boring and tedious process originally designed for professional use.. The vast majority of users want to make Social Media videos without the hindrance of using traditional timeline video editing. For platform owners, Stak It is a linchpin for competing against other social media platforms by attracting and retaining video and other content creators.
SI is protected by U.S. Patent Number: 1132118.
PCT / Application filed No: PCT/US2022/52883

Slide Synchronizer

Imagine giving users the ability to create a five minute video from their slide deck in as little as 20 minutes – simply by clicking a button. That’s right, create a five minute video in as little as 20 minutes! With the simple click of a button, users of your presentation software are given the ability to create videos from slide decks, even including transitions. Slide Synchronizer (SY) elevates your presentation platform enabling users to sync narration and complex soundtracks to presentation slides in real-time by pushing a button – all 32 times faster than traditional video editing!
SY is protected by U.S. Patent Numbers: 11417366 and 11562771
Australia – Application No. 2022224091 (publication period ended – awaiting registration)

Narration Recorder

Narration mistakes are a common occurrence for presentation/video creators. Narration Recorder (NR) gives your creators an all-in-one Recorder and Teleprompter that allows them to easily re-record audio segments in an audio file. And when combined with Slide Synchronizer (SY) or Stak It (SI) this powerful technology provides an intuitive workflow process for creating audio and visual productions.
NR is protected by U.S. Patent Number 11823713.

About Us

In 1978, Bolt-On IP’s founder/inventor, Craig Kenney, pioneered soundtrack creation for large multi-image presentations for live corporate communications. Facing limitations using punch-tape synchronization, a breakthrough in 1979 brought synchronized 35mm slides to soundtracks using a basic computer. Fast forward to today, Bolt-On has been granted 5 U.S. patents with pending PCT applications that revolutionize video creation from slide decks like PowerPoint. Bolt-On’s patented technology suite allows developers to transform customers live and virtual meetings by integrating tools that bring simplified and intuitive random slide access, slide-to-video editing, narrations, and quickly produced videos that reshape global communication. The company is making its entire portfolio available for purchase or license at fractions of its fair market value.
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